Our ad that led us to find parking for our Tiny House on Wheels

I posted the following ad on Craigslist. I got 10 offers of potential parking places. I was very pleased to get such a great response – and wanted to share my ad to help others find parking!


Do you have some land in NC (an organic farm/big back yard/homestead)? We are seeking parking for our Tiny House on Wheels in the Asheville, Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill or surrounding areas of North Carolina. We are seeking parking for at least a year. Please contact us!

We are a couple living in our Tiny House in Chicago. We are seeking to move to NC as soon as February or March of 2016. We have been living in our self-designed house since 05/2015. We are both mild-mannered, respectful, we know how to work hard & love working cooperatively. Richard has worked for his parents business for the last 7 years and will be seeking a more creative and fulfilling job. He enjoys learning about health and nutrition, and is passionate about power-lifting / bodybuilding. I have enjoyed working at Chicago’s only food co-op, and am planning to work at a co-op in NC. In my free time I enjoy fermentation projects (kombucha, sauerkraut, etc.), creating videos & teaching classes on various subjects. We are both amateur gardeners and take great joy in growing food.

Our house in on a 8×22 trailer (including the hitch) with a height of 13’6”, our interior living space is 118 sq ft. Our house is a very attractive & cute! It has green siding & a metal roof. Our house is fully functional: we have a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom loft & a storage loft. We plan to get a solar system & rain water harvesting system in the near future so we can live off-grid.

What we will need:

-Level spot to park (minimum 10×25 feet, 14 ft high that is paved or turfed)
-Dedicated water hose, we have our own 50 ft hose (until we get our rain water system in place)
-Standard 110 volt electric hookup, we have our own 50 ft extension cord (until we get our solar system)
-A place where we can park our small car
-Access to WiFi (we can acquire our own if needed)
-A place to dump our Greywater (can be used for watering the lawn – no chemicals used)
-A compost pile we can dump our food scraps & composting toilet buckets into (we will manage the pile ourselves!)
-A place where we can garden (we’d love to help in your garden/farm or share what we grow with you!)

What we can offer:

-Barter/work-trade in lieu of rent. We have many skills that we can offer. These can be discussed in greater detail if interested.
-Monthly rent if barter/work-trade isn’t possible. We are open to suggestions on the amount.
-Payment for electric, water & internet usage (we use very minimal water & electric).

We are planning a trip to NC in mid-November. If you have a space available, we would love to come check it out & see if it’s a fit! Please reach out to us & share this page with others! Thank you very much!

Brittany & Richard


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