Tiny Houses: Common Concerns

Today I went to my local Tiny House Meet-up group (Chicago-land area). We began the session by brainstorming a list of common concerns regarding going Tiny/TH in general. Overall this is what we came up with:

-Parking/Moving TH: Zoning & Coding, How to find parking, How to move THOW (what kind of vehicle is required, renting a vehicle, hiring driver to move it), How to work with cities to start TH communities (art installations, community space – finding ways to benefit city so it’s a win-win)

-Building: Building it yourself, Hiring a designer/contractor, Design process, Construction schedule, Funds/financial (budget, loans), Materials, Available technology (marine, RV).

-Utilities: Water, Electric, Sewer, Heating (water, house), Ventilation, Internet, Home Insurance/Travel, Off-Grid (solar, rain water, etc.).

-Living in a THOW: House safety, Living illegally (neighbors, getting reported/fined, having to move house), Downsizing possessions, Claustrophobia, Dealing with the elements (winter, wind, tornado, fire), Living rural/suburban/urban in a THOW – what’s easiest/best, Traveling in TH across country.

This list is the majority of the questions/topics that I hear get brought up. I hope by creating this list I can begin to answer some of these questions based on my experience & research.


(Pictured is Paul Schultz – he lead today’s group. He is the designer & builder of the Toybox Tinyhome. Check out his website for more information on him!)


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