WELCOME TO THE WEBSITE! The story of our tinyhouse!

Hello internet,
This is Brittany & Richard… Welcome to our new fancy-smancy website! I will be doing my blogging primarily here vs. my former TH blog.

The story of us going TINY:
We are a young-ish vegan couple who had a dream of living in a tiny house on wheels after we saw a few TH tours on youtube 3 years ago.. So we saved money, sketched designs, scoured the internet for anything tiny house related, downsized our possessions, and waited as patiently as we could… It took us 2 1/2 years of saving & planning until we were able to embark on our Tiny House journey! The magical day finally came on 2/19/2015 when we ordered our trailer! Words can not describe how excited we were, all of our waiting and planning was finally almost over. Prior to ordering our trailer we had an architect help us refine our house design, and we found a local contractor to build our home for us. Construction began on 4/16/15, by the end of day 2 the subfloor, walls, roof were all there. The build         was going so fast we couldn’t believe it! The rest of the build went slower as we had to wait for windows, roofing, & other materials constantly. It didn’t take long though, on 5/23/15 we moved in!!! I’ve added a video at the bottom that has ALL of the pictures of our TH build for your viewing pleasure!


i35 (2)ZZ1


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